Thursday, December 15, 2016


They say it’s Christmas. And they are right. It’s Christmas.

While celebrating Christmas in 2016, try not to forget to remember to:
  • -         wash your hands
  • -         wash your fruits
  • -         wash your vegetables
  • -         use a condom
  • -         not reuse condoms
  • -         avoid fights, including Twitter fights and Facebook brawls - and MMM
  • -         avoid motorbikes if you can, control the speed of the motorbike riders if you can’t avoid them
  • -         drive carefully – and that includes avoiding the paths of reckless drivers
  • -         check your blood pressure and get your family members and loved ones to do same
  • -         ensure your pregnant folks are not over-stressed; they really don’t have to do all the cooking and cleaning
  • -         do not over-spend. January is notoriously unforgiving.
  • -         store petrol safely. That is a lesson we learnt from a few years ago.

Merry Christmas!