Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Teaching in Nigeria

This is to all teachers:

Pls use the appropriate language to teach each subject.

How can you use English to teach Music? What happened to Yoruba?

How can you use English to teach Accounts and Business Studies? What happened to Igbo?

How can you be teaching slavery without using the language of the Ijaw people?

How else can you talk about coup d'etats in Social Studies/Civic Education except in Hausa?

And how can you teach Home Economics or Foods and Nutrition except in Ibibio?

Mathematics is better taught in Itsekiri. If the subject fails to confuse you, the language definitely will.

You can teach Christian Religious Knowledge in English but please remember that the story of the harlot at Jericho is better taught in Bini.

And when it comes to Biology class - that chapter on Sexual Reproduction is best taught in Efik, though any language from Benue State is a good second alternative.

But when teaching people how to fight Boko Haram and other kinds of terrorism, please do so in Annang. There is no better language for this purpose.

Dedicated to all teachers in Nigeria.